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Support Neurodiversity and Inclusivity of Women on the Spectrum.

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Dr Kathleen: Not Your (Neuro)typical Gal


Dr Kathleen is an active healthcare practitioner, podcaster, presenter, writer, and charity leader that has helped thousands of people worldwide, but she isn’t your ‘neurotypical’ gal. She was diagnosed in midlife with autism and speaks out on the gender inequities in diagnosis in women, which lead to failure to diagnose/misdiagnosis. 


She shares her journey in her bold new book, U Don’t Seem Autistic. She shares her personal story from misdiagnosis to mid-life diagnosis. This is a story of empowerment by the discovery of autistic identity, at last! By sharing pitfalls she has experienced up to mid-life and their relationship to autism, she hopes to help others to seek a diagnosis. She shares her tips for those questioning if they are on the spectrum, working with an assistance/service dog, and provides solutions for how to make educational, medical, legal, and workplaces inclusive for neurodiverse/autistic people.



As owner and director of Dr Kathleen & Team, she helps women on the verge of burnout, empowering them naturally to feel sexy and strong at 40 and beyond. For more than a decade, she has helped thousands as a functional and naturopathic practitioner with advanced degrees in integrative medicine and anthropology, and now also a neurodiversity speaker and adviser.


Join the community for exciting updates on her new book, U Don’t Seem Autistic. Contact Dr Kathleen for consultations on creating a sensory-friendly working environment and speaking engagements on neurodiversity in the workplace in person and virtually.


[noor-oh-di-vur-si-tee] noun

The inclusion in a group, organisation, etc. of people with different types of brain functioning

Make your workplace more productive by ensuring it is inclusive.

Custom sensory advice regarding sound, light, space, and stimming options for productive working environments.

It is likely that neurodiversity is in your workplace, but you may just not know it…yet! Educate your staff about working with and accommodating autistic people with a fun, informative talk.

Dr Kathleen & her assistance dog Willow come to you in-person

or by Zoom.




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